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Northstar Aviary

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Waiting list:
Does it cost anything to be put on a waiting list? No its free, when babies are hatching i will let u know and u can either chose to place a deposit on a baby or u can wait until its ready to go and purchase it then. But in order to be sure that u will get your baby a deposit IS required to hold

Are your babies vet checked:
No to keep the cost down i do not have my babies checked by a vet to the best of my knowledge they are healthy and i will not sell babies or breed sick birds

Do u deliver:
I will deliver for a fee and only within an hr or two of bemidji

How long does it take a baby to wean:
That depends on each baby i do not force wean any baby of mine...but every baby will be fully weaned before leaving for their new homes

A nonrefundable deposit is required for me to hold a baby for u. Babies can still be purchased when they are ready to go but i recommend u place a deposit to ensure that u will get a baby. Depsosits are 25 dollars for a cockatiel or a lovebird. This goes towards purchasing your baby

Creamino: 60
All other colors: 50

Cinnamon: 50
Cinnamon Pearl:60
Cinnamon Pearl/pied 60