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Birds can be wonderful loving pets but as with all animals keep in mind that birds can live anywhere from 8 yrs up to 50 plus. These are not pets that can be stuck in a cage and not handled even letting these gorgeous creatures out of the cage may not be enough if u want a freindly bird they require physical contact as well as out of cage time...they are two seperate things

Out of cage time is just that allowed out of the cage to roam around this is NOT the same thing as time spent with your bird (physical contact) / Physical contact is petting your bird holding onto your bird letting him/her crawl around on u THIS is what birds need. Letting your bird out of the cage obviously is important too but touching your bird is also a big part of maintaining a good well socialized bird.

Keep in mind though that birds have personalities just like any other critter...some may like to hang out with u but not necessarily like to be handled. My baby eclectus is not much on being handled but adores sitting next to me on the couch, bird perch or wherever others need to be held constantly. I have had lovebirds that would fly beside me as i walk down the hall.

There are so many birds to chose from how do u know what it the right bird to chose for yourself...first ask yourself do u have the time to spend with a bird. If u are gone for several hrs of the day that means your bird are going to have to have lots of toys to keep him/her can be spendy depending on what type of bird u get.
Think to yourself are u going to be to tired to spend time with your bird after u come home from work, how about cleaning the cage these are very important things to consider.
This brings me to the next question expenses...birds need different types of toys the bigger the bird the more spendy and they need couple toys at a time and some recommend rotating toys to keep boredom down. BIrd food can be spendy as well.
Cages what type of room do u have the bigger the room the bigger and more expensive the cages will be.
Noise factor, some birds can be VERY noisy if u live in an apt believe me unless u have a bird person who doesn't mind the noise its not going to be pleasant if your bird is noisy and the neighbors cant handle it and complain your bird will probably have to go, and don't forget bigger birds cost more to purchase

I have decided to purchase a bird where should i get it from
 Well there are a couple options you could go with a rescue, a pet store OR my preference a breeder. To find a breeder in your area look on the interenet, hoobly, kijii, or just do a search using google or yahoo search.
As a former breeder i recommend writing a list of questions u have then email them to the breeder or call, don't be afraid to ask they would rather have  ask questions than purchase the bird and not be prepared. Hand fed birds to me make the best pets there is a difference between hand fed and hand is where the breeder will remove the babies from the nest and feed them the other is simply handling the bird daily.

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